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Better late than never!.. some photos from our trip to Key West 

The sun follows us everywhere we go!

On the Southernmost Beach in Key West, FL this past March.

The sun follows us everywhere we go!

On the Southernmost Beach in Key West, FL this past March.

Getting close to the end now…5 more songs to go. This one is worthy of checking out the video, The Shins - “Simple Song.” Sometimes it takes something “simple” and what seemingly is an homage to the Royal Tenenbaums (which I love!) to say what you’ve done. Key West was fracking awesome and a departure from things that have been done…”like an ocean made warm by the sun.”

[Track 13 on “First Sight of My Heart,” from the mix for Key West]

Love the heart. Love the flowers. Another band I picked up from @Daytrotter…One Hundred Flowers with “Rat Trap.” It’s simple. It’s symphonic. It’s groovy. It’s good to take a listen… heading to Mile post Zero

[Track 12 on “First Sight Of My Heart,” a Key West mix]

2 years ago

Down the road (and very far out) is Jack White’s latest single and dynamic duet with “Love Interruption.”  Who says love can’t interfere to one’s detriment, but also to someone’s advantage. This song showcases all of that.

[Track 11 on the mix to Key West: “First Sight of My Heart”]

2 years ago - 1

Hey yeah it is Good Friday!! and following behind Jason Mraz’s inspirational song is another BIG name, Rihanna, with her song that says it all… “We found love in a hopeless place!” And that is exactly where I found it… EVERYTHING I was looking. I’m a lucky girl to have Stefan (who’s Birthday is TODAY!!) in my life, now nestled on a little lane called Hopeland.

More coming from us out of Hopeland Studios!

[Track 10 on “First Sight of My Heart]

2 years ago - 2

I have been listening to this guy since his first album, Curbside Prophet. Jason Mraz doesn’t let down with his latest single, “I Won’t Give Up,” just released. Be prepared to be inspired with words that let us know there are no limits while I continue with the mix made for Key West, because “God knows we’re tough enough. We’ve got a lot to learn. God knows we’re worth it.”

[Track 9 on the Key West mix: First Sight of My Heart]

2 years ago - 2

Now we’re digging down deep with Sarah Jaffe’s two-for-oner from a live Daytrotter-session with “A Sucker For Your Marketing/Vulnerable.” Can’t go wrong playing this at least once if not twice daily for the rest of your natural-born life. The strong bass line on this is like hearing that heartbeat pounding down the road to mile marker ZERO! Phenomenal.

[Track 8 on the Key West Mix: First Sight of My Heart]

2 years ago - 4
First sight of Key West <3

First sight of Key West <3

We’re getting to my favorite part of the mix; right into the heart of it. This is by Tim and Nicki Bluhm, a soulful twosome who are also married. Take your imagination back to the 70’s when love was easy and that’s what it’s like for Stefan and I, making our way down to Key West. “Think About The Two of Us.”

[Track 7 on the Key West Mix: First Sight Of My Heart]

2 years ago - 2

Still pushing out songs from my Key West mix.  This one gets a little more personal. Alexi Murdoch begins “Some Day Soon” singing “I loved my father and I love him well…” December was a tough month for me after losing my Dad, but no matter where I go I know I always carry a piece of my father with me.  Key West was a place both my Dad and I were able to venture to.

(Track 6 on the Key West Mix: First Sight of My Heart)

2 years ago

Who’s into banjos?? They you’d certainly be into this song.  No better one to sit and travel to down a two lane road than Trampled by Turtles - Wait So Long. By now we were moving in a little closer seeing that sun on the horizon, knowing we had a few great days ahead of us.

[Track 5 on the Key West Mix: First Sight of My Heart]

2 years ago - 2

Still listening?? The third track on the mix making our way onward to Key West was by a band I became familiar with from my own partner-in-crime. Heading down that stretch of two lane road, my love starts singing to me “You’re the sh!t and I’m knee deep in it.” He’s a romantic.  This one is by Frightened Rabbit, “My Backwards Walk.”

2 years ago - 3